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   Business Holiday Cards and

  Assorted Business Greeting Cards

for personal and business use

$1.40 ea per 100

including white envelope and text of your choice


Business Holiday Card
Featured Artist

Business Holiday Card
Featured Artist


Business Greeting Cards

Our unique range of business Holiday Cards are constantly
updated and very popular,being 
perfect for corporate
and business use. We have a stable of artists who design
specially for our customer's individual business needs.

We have been suppying professionally designed business
greeting cards for fourteen years,printed for a wide range of
occasions throughout the business year.

All occasion cards,holiday cards,business marketing postcards,

appointment reminders,business birthdays and anniversarys are
amongst our very professional range of cards.

We also offer our hassle-free online ordering system.

Business Thanksgiving Cards
Corporate Birthday Cards
 Business Contact Cards
Corporate Welcome Cards
Corporate Anniversary Cards
teamwork holiday cards
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 Text of your choice -- NO EXTRA CHARGE


 Logo on the front of card - NO EXTRA CHARGE


 Customer Contact

This range of Marketing Postcards and Appointmentreminders are an excellent way to stay connected with your customers.
Thefront cover designs are all created to reflect the nature of your business. Youare able to add text over the front cover or place
your Logo anywhere on thedesign at no extra cost. These postcards can be sent at anytime throughout theentire year for any occasion
to promote your business.

All the postcards in this range have artwork that reflects the nature of their industry.

Car Dealers Auto Industry:celebrate the yearly anniversaries of your client'spurchase of their new car with a postcard thanking them for their business andletting
them know that you are thinking of them and enquiring after them andtheir purchase. Often people loose track of time and very quickly a few yearspass and a new car purchase is immanent.

Car Repairs: remindyour customers when it's time for a safety check or an over all service. Letyour customers know they are your priority.

Computer Repair andService: offer your customers a reminder of your services and anypromotions or specials available.

Real Estate: Congratulateyour clients on the 12 month anniversary of the purchase of their new home andremind them what a pleasure it was dealing with them. 

Plumbing  A very unique collection of industry specific designs for the plumbing industry which can be used as appointment reminders,thank you for your business cards or marketing postcards.

Business Holiday Cards

Opportunity constantly presents itself during the year as it is the perfect time to start ordering your Business Holiday cards.
EasyGreet Cards have thousands of newly created designs for this year's Holiday Card range and we can also modify or design something just for your company.
Business Christmas Cards are still the best way to say thank you to your customers and business contacts for their continued loyalty throughout the year. 
Business thrives with constant support from customers,employees and business contacts and Business Greeting Cards are the best traditional way to acknowledge those that have helped you throughout the year and stay connected.  
We aslo have a business specific range of Holiday Cards which reflect the nature of individual business enterprise and it's all easily found in alphabetical order.

Business Thanksgiving Cards

We like to offer our customers the opportuntiy to send Thanksgiving Cards to their customers to enable them to nurture their connections in the lead up to the holiday season.
We have many original designs that are only leased to EasyGreet Cards.

Business Thank You Cards

This is our most popular range due to it's diversity whereby you can order these cards as postcards or greeting cards throughout the entire year. With the option of tailoring the text for your card or adding your company Logo, this range is very good value for money.
Our quality
Business Holiday Cards are perfect for corporate business and personal use.




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